never cook with a wine wouldn't drink

Does the wine you cook with enhance and lend balance to your gourmet cooking? It may be doing the opposite!

ACADÉMIE brand culinary wines are sourced directly from California's premier wine regions. With the help of gourmet chefs, we have developed four blends that help make your everyday gourmet creations the best they can possibly be.

Our wines are a great choice in your kitchen because:

  • You can drink these wines! These wines taste great as an ingredient or on their own. Pour yourself a glass (or two!) as you cook your meal.
  • We offer four unique blends crafted for different types of gourmet cooking.
  • Our wines come in a bottle that is half the size of a traditional wine bottle. It will fit in your fridge and costs less.
  • Stale and lifeless wine be gone! Cooking with stale or non-descript wine can lead to stale or lifeless flavors in your food. With ACADÉMIE you'll always have the perfect wine on hand!
Foodies! Create your own custom wine with tailored flavors for your recipe with our Custom Wine Maker!

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