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Chef Chat Mingkwan

Chef Chat Mingkwan certainly knows his stuff. He's got over seven published cookbooks to his name and several more in the works. Chef Chat teaches Thai and Asian cooking in the San Francisco Bay Area and makes regular trips to his home country Thailand for culinary inspiration. He was also trained in the art of French Cooking while studying and working abroad at restaurants in France. When Chat's not cooking, he's traveling, writing and collecting Asian artifacts from all throughout Asia (he's got tens of thousands of items in his collection!). We sat down with him to taste ACADEMIE wines and see how they might apply to his style of cooking.

Blend #1:
"Earthy with nice hints of pomegranate. This wine is nice, But I'm not sure this profile has too many applications in Asian cooking. Maybe a nice pasta sauce though."

Blend #2:
"Very floral, very nice fragrance. I also love the aftertaste - nice sweetness, which I like. I like the acidity, not aggressive at all. In flavor, I get nice lemon qualities. I can see this in seafood. I like drinking this wine!"

Blend #3:
"Very nice aromatics. I really like this wine. Very nice! Very good aftertaste. I like the strawberry jam qualities you mentioned and I can see how this would be nice in marinades. Very drinkable, very nice flavor."

Blend #4:
"Wow! Such and interesting aroma! It smells like Champagne grapes! In flavor it's very refreshing and has nice sweetness. This would go great with a French dish I do with crepes and lavender. With this wine, there would be lots of Asian food applications because of all the nice sweetness and floral elements. Also might be nice in fusions. Lemongrass would be nice or perhaps some sort of tropical fruit like starfruit. I say that because it's very delicate and those flavors work together nicely."

More about Chat Mingkwan:
Chef Chat Mingkwan is available for group cooking events and cooking classes. You can learn more about him at his website,

Interesting in Asian cooking? Check out Chat's books!

About the ACADÉMIE Feedback Project:
ACADÉMIE wine blends are a work in progress. We are constantly improving, refining and tweaking our profiles. There is nothing we love more than feedback on how to improve our product. Because we source wines directly from other wineries, we are able to introduce wines with qualities that will highlight and emphasize certain flavors in your cooking. The result is a blend that helps you achieve flavor perfection.

An important part of this process is to solicit feedback. Everyone in the world of flavors has an opinion about what works and what doesn't. We believe it's important to get as many different perspectives as we can.

This article is one of a series of articles showcasing the opinions and feedback from people involved in creating great flavors.