never cook with a wine wouldn't drink

We spend quite a bit of time perfecting our blends. As a part of this process, we are constantly reaching out to professionals in the culinary industry to perfect the profiles of our blends. Below you'll see a growing list of professionals we've had taste our wines so we can collect their thoughts, make improvements, and see how our wines might be applicable to their culinary styles.

If ACADEMIE is trusted by the pros, think about what it can do in your kitchen!

Feedback about our wines from professionals:

Chef James Koskiniemi

We caught up with Chef James Koskiniemi to get some feedback and thoughts on our wine blends - and perhaps a recipe inspiration or two. President of the San Francisco Chefs Association and California Culinary Academy graduate, Chef James is a passionate proponent... [view all]

Chef Chat Mingkwan

Chef Chat Mingkwan certainly knows his stuff. He's got ten published cookbooks to his name and several more in the works! Chef Chat teaches Thai and Asian cooking in the San Francisco Bay Area and makes regular trips to his home country Thailand for culinary inspiration. He was also... [view all]

Chef Anders Bengtsson

Not too long ago, Chef Anders Bengtsson was in a place far away from the culinary world. As CEO of a software company, he certainly enjoyed cooking - but didn't consider making it a career until a few years ago. But when he did, he went all in. He immediately enrolled in Culinary School and began experimenting with food & flavor... [view all]

Chef Matt Feuer

Chef Matt Feuer sharpened his chops in the restaurants of New York and Las Vegas, acquiring new skills and adding to his culinary knowledge as he progressed in his career. After moving to California, he moved into the food service industry, taking a job as a chef for a large commercial food service company. He has helped launch kitchen programs at several fortune 500 companies, where his... [view all]

Chef Ken Gurley

Chef Ken runs GardenFresh Personal Chef & Catering in Northern California's East Bay. His two biggest passions in life are cooking and vegetable gardening. His earliest memories are filled with his grandmother's cooking and family meals "always made from food that was grown, raised and cooked with love and... [view all]

Chef Shelly Maddocks

Chef Shelly comes from a long line of great chefs. Her grandfather was even executive chef and owner of The Brownstone in Houston, Texas! A San Antonio, Texas native, Chef Shelly's cooking is peppered with Southwestern flare - a culinary style very near and dear to her heart. Her travels have taken her... [view all]

More chef opinions coming soon!